Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! This past week has been a much needed break from our regular hectic schedule. The picture taken on the left is of a night where we just played at home as a family. (Don't you love her hair!)
Christmas was a wonderful time. We spent Christmas Eve at our church and I really enjoyed singing those carols we only sing this time of the year. And I made a point to really study the words, not just sing on auto-pilot. Christmas Day was overwhelming. Everyone was so generous to us. It was great to see Charis take immediately to the gifts we got her - books and a baby doll. After a morning at home we went to my parents for lunch and were spoiled rotton. And after Charis' nap we went to Josh's parents to enjoy an amazing feast of prime rib and twice backed potatoes. All was going well until Charis started throwing up (I was wondering why she didn't touch her bottle or dinner). We hung out a little while longer, but then took our baby home. For the rest of the week she fought a miserable cold and we had occasional visits from the Barf Monster when she got too worked up. (It is amazing how by the end of the week I was willingly throwing my nice shirt and clean hair in front of her mouth in an effort to catch the barf - Hey! They clean a lot easier than the couch.)
We also got to see Grace and Abigail on Saturday. We were mall rats and got some fun shopping done. It was great to see you hon!
On New Year's Eve we had some of the college students over. We played this gift exchange game that involves TONS of wrapped white elephant gifts. It was great and we laughed a lot. But not nearly as much as when we played "Would You Rather..." and we got to see Chris and Steph lap milk out of a saucer and Ben and Monica attempt to make animal sounds. We stopped the games just in time to ring in the new year. And in an attempt to make all our singles feel comfortable at midnight-kissing-time Josh and I provided balloons with pictures of celebrites taped to them. I must say I was surprised at the choices of "dates." After the silliness of that we went around and talked about what 2008 may have in store for us and how we can hold each other in prayer. It was a great night and I can't wait until next year!
So all of you, I hope you also had a great New Years. Please be amazed at how quickly I got this next post up. And enjoy some more family night pictures...

If you look toward the middle of the picture you will see Charis amongst her toys (ha-ha)

"Spitting" in momma's face
(yes, note the brunette - better pictures to come)

Charis giving Selah a hug