Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Poop Song

Today I was delighted by a song that my friend Megan sent to me. It embodies what I think Charis wants to tell me, strike that, SING to me after her little poop escapades. It isn't "Stan, Stan the Lavatory Man" (sorry Eryka), but it is just as funny. And you gotta love Salt 'N Pepa.

Check it out!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Our Cute Girl


"Whoa! There's a camera in my face!"

Me and mommy

Playing with the "Baby in the Mirror"

Me and Daddy

"Mommy, that's mine!"

The Contract is Signed

So the contract is signed with our buyer and we close March 21st. Still a long way off and the final price is pretty low, but at least we know that it will be off our hands soon. To make matters more complicated we need to repaint EVERYTHING, walls and ceilings in every room / closet, inside the house. We figure we need to hire a professional painter for the high ceilings in the living room, but maybe we can paint the rest. So those of you nearby, beware! You may be called in for a painting party.
Everything else is going great with the family. I now have two weeks off of work while the family I sit for goes on vacation. I have some consulting work to do in the mean time to keep me busy. The youth group is doing great too. Jordan and Crystal have decided to become youth leaders - YEA! And at last night's Game Night we had around 50 kids! A lot were guests, Some that came the previous Wednesday and others that the students brought for the first time. We had a blast!
And Charis is as adorable as ever. I have been working on getting her to lay down without me having to rock her to sleep, then tiptoe out of the room hoping she won't wake up screaming. She is doing really good. We are also working on rolling over. This morning was the first time she did it! I was so thrilled. I think she could do it for a long time, but I didn't know how to coach her.
That's it for now. Talk to you all soon!

Monday, January 22, 2007

We Got an Offer!

Hey all, I know many of you have been praying that we would sell our house and this weekend we got an offer! We are currently going back and forth with counter offers, so please keep this in your prayers. We know it is going to cost us a big chunk of change to sell, we are just trying to figure out how big that chunk of change will be. Please pray God's will would be done and that we would joyfully submit to it. We will keep you posted.

And of course, Charis...
All snuggled up after bath time

"I love dresses because I can put them in my mouth much easier than normal clothes."
(There is no modesty with my daughter.)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Changing Fun

Charis is so fun to change - Seriously! She has these tickle spots, so she laughs a lot. Her giggle is so cute. (I wish we could post movies) All of this makes up for what is to follow...
So I know you all have been wanting another poopy diaper story, so here it is. On Friday last week she had this huge poop that went up to middle of her back. Of course I was at the Tamakas so I had to strip her very carefully and wash her little behind off in the sink. It is always so disgusting because I just use my hand to wipe her off. I don't think a paper towel or wipe will work for the massive amounts of poop, and I am sure the Tamakas would not appreciate me using one of their dish sponges to clean Charis's poopy butt. But it all worked out in the end (no pun intended.)
And I thought that we would have a couple day break from poop. I was wrong.
The next day I had just changed her evening diaper when she looked at us with a big smile then bent over and grunted. We heard an explosion come out of her backside. She then looked up at us and smiled. Because we are experienced parents we did not rush to change her diaper quite yet. This is because of what ensued the following ten minutes - more smiling, grunting, explosions and then smiling. Once we were sure that the messes were over I changed her diaper. (Notice how it is always me and not Josh - he says it makes him gag. I think her poop smells like Dijon mustard and it just happens to have the same consistancy. It's her farts that you got to look out for.) Josh and I got a big laugh out of that one.
Again I was fooled to think that poop explosions would not happen for a little while longer. On Wednesday I was at the Tamakas (why is it always there?) and she was playing in her exer-saucer. I noticed her feet were standing in this chunky, watery brown stuff. I first thought that in Cameron's attempt to get in the exer-saucer earlier he had barfed all over the seat and I had put her in it without noticing. (Yes, this is very disgusting.) But it wasn't - thank goodness. I lifted her out and saw that her butt was fine, but her pant leg was soaked and poopy. Her diaper must have left open a hole for poop and pee to escape, which it did, so that she was prancing in it. I again was at the sink with a naked baby rubbing the poop off of her leg with my bare hand. This time around I had the joy of also scrubbing her clothes and santizing the bottom of the exer-saucer. This whole process easily took me thirty minutes. Thankfully Cameron was asleep and the Tamakas were picking up Conor from preschool.
All in all, I am glad my daughter's bowels are working, but I wish she could just learn to keep her explosive poops in her diapers.
(Since you endured those wonderful stories you can now look at how cute she is!)

She loves to play with her elephant while she gets changed.

Laughter, giggles and tickles!

Charis and Daddy watching the Bears game on Sunday - Go Bears!

Monday, January 15, 2007


So did any of you make any New Years resolutions this year? I did.

I have committed to being in the Word everyday this year. I made this resolution a couple years ago and I did it everyday that year except for one day, but I didn't commit to it the following year so I began to slack off. (Yes, I know that was a run on sentance Eryka.) I have found in the two plus years I have been married it is hard to get to my devotions each day. Maybe because I don't have a single spot in the house that is just mine, like my bedroom that I would escape to when I lived at my parents. Or maybe I feel that when Josh is home I want to spend time with him so try to fit it in elsewhere during my busy day. Or maybe I just didn't make it a priority so it didn't get done.
I have missed spending time in the Word. I hate walking into church knowing that I have not read a single thing in the Bible since last week. It is so easy for me to do the good Christian thing, but where is the fire, passion and true reason behind it. I will talk to God in quick prayers during the week, but yet I feel like I am just dropping in quick to ask for a favor before I go rushing out again.
But this year has been already been great. Both Josh and I have committed to it and we are using the Mcheyne Plan. Basically you read through the OT once and the NT twice. It is about 4 chapters a day. Two you read by yourself and two you read as a family. It is great accountability and helpful being able to bounce off of Josh the passage I read for the day.
But what I really love is that my passion for the Lord is growing again. The light that was barely flickering is warming once more. It is so good to be back in His presence again.

I don't know if you guys made any resolutions, but I pray that growing in your relationship with God will be a priority this year.

On a side note, we have also bought an elliptical and tons of health food snacks to replace my junk food binges. Working out is going great, but giving up the yummy food for some fake "this-really-tastes-just-the-same" junk is not fully working. (I have frozen grapes in my freezer - frozen grapes!) Lets hope that I can get my post-baby, stretch-marked, flabby body back to where it once was, or better. (I will not be the ugly sister - not that I have to be prettier, just equal to you two!) Love you guys!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

More Charis Pics

Here are some more pics of Charis. A lot of them are from a while ago that people have emailed me. She grows so fast!

Spending time with Auntie T

She looks like an orka whale

Hanging out with Abigail around Thanksgiving
(This was right before Abi jumped up see daddy and mommy had to jump across the couch before I fell on my face.)

Nana you are making such a funny face!

Don't I look like an angel?

I like standing up in my exer-saucer

Yum my fingers are good!

Isn't daddy silly?

Monday, January 8, 2007

Munchkin Pics

I know you all have been complaing for more pics of Charis, so here you go. (Hey, if any of you know how to upload movies, let me know.)

Cute smiles

Playing with my toys

Standing up so big

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Welcome to a Huff Life!

Hello and welcome to a Huff Life! I am giving Josh back his own blog and will keep the comings and goings of our family on this blog.
It was hard to come up with a name for this blog. While the other blog is mostly about Charis I figure I will have another adorable munchkin someday (no, I am not pregnant, but I will keep you posted - more on that below). And as I have read my friends blogs it makes me want to have a spot to muse away my thoughts too. And I want a place to talk about what is going on with the entire family's lives So that is a how I came up with A Huff Life. (All right, there was moderate inspiration from "A Bug's Life" too.) It is more fitting because it is about all of us.
So here are my musings: Just an FYI, Josh and I are ready to bang out kids these next couple years (no pun intended). What that means is that while we aren't actively trying we also aren't preventing either. Now this is probably more than what you wanted to know, but it makes sense with what I have to say. I miss having the most obvious sign that confirms I am pregnant. I know you all are like "Oh, Hard life Moriah! You haven't had your period for a over year!" But how am I supposed to know I am pregnant? When one of my friends got pregnant with their second child they kept changing her due date because they didn't have a "last-period" mark. So not having it messes everything up. At least there was structure when I was riding the crimson wave (taken so graciously from Clueless). Anyway. Just complaining.
Here are the Charis updates: She went to the doctor today for her 4 month checkup and all is fine. Her height is 24 1/4 inches (50 percentile), weight is 12 pounds 7 ounces (25-50 percentile), and head is 16.5 inches (75 percentile). She is growing just fine. And she peed on me TWICE in the doctor's office. My jeans were soaked. And most people would go directly home and change. I went shopping and grabbed a bite to eat. Maybe I am a little too used to being a human burp cloth!
Enjoy your day my friends!