Sunday, June 22, 2008


So I am now on Facebook.

I don't have time to update this blog let alone have another site to keep up with. So how did I get signed up you may ask? My honey Josh was sick of his profile just saying "Married" instead of "Married to ..." (to put a name in they must also be on Facebook). So on our anniversary he signed me up, filled in my profile, uploaded a pic of me and accepted 19 friend invitations - all before I even saw it myself.

So yeah, I am now on Facebook.

If you are, send me a friend request!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Fun Friday

Today was fun! But it is much too late to go into detail. We had a great day with Emily and her three girls. And tonight we hung out with Talitha and Steph. It was a fun girls day.

In preparation for potty training we got Dora panties, and had to try them on!

Selah kept pulling on the blanket, like she was playing peek-a-boo.
I love her big, beautiful, blue eyes.

All I can say is Hilarious!
Auntie Talitha is so much fun!
We have been learning our colors this week... well, sorta.

This video pretty much sums it up

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Busy Thursday at Nana's

We had a busy day at my mom's today. We were there for ten hours. She is helping prep for a wedding on Saturday, so that took up a lot of time. I was glad to help her. All the while, T and DP helped me by watching the girls.
And an update on Charis's potty training: she went three times today! We are still having wet diapers, but I hope to set aside Monday to be an intense potty training day. Any tips?
Below are more pics fromn our day which T sent to me so Josh could see them. (Thanks T!)

We decided to brave the pool while Charis was sleeping. I love Selah's monsterous diaper and her huge cheeks.

Someone was not thrilled to go in the water...

...but she eventually calmed down and enjoyed our refreshing dip.

Here is a picture of the babysitters - thanks guys!

Check out our beautiful girl - So Big!

I love the "Pose", what a hottie!
We had a fun day, but we can't wait until Saturday when we get to see Josh. Love you so much hon!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No Oasis, No Daddy

We had a fun day today. We hung out with my sis, which Charis now refers to as "TT". I had to deal with four poopy diapers before 2:00pm. When I was changing one of Charis's I got some...excretion... on Talitha's white down comforter. Amazingly it all came out with a miracle-working diaper wipe. And Talitha still loved Charis and me after the event. Selah on the other hand had her three-days-of-waiting poop. It was everywhere, but thankfully I heard it coming so I had her on a changing pad. Oh the joys and mad-hot skills of being a mom.
On a related note, check out the film below...

Yes, Charis went pee pee in the potty! And she told me she had to go. It was after our family bath/shower (yes, I am amazing) and we were getting her pajamas on. She looked at me and said "pee pee", so I rushed her naked bum to her potty, all the while telling her to hold it. After this wonderful and joyous occasion she immediately signed and said "Eat", expecting a M&M treat. I was more than happy to reward her. So for the rest of the night I have been praising her for going "pee pee on the potty" (I have made up a song). She must think I am nuts.

Selah also learned to do something today. She has slowly been getting proficient at scrunching her feet up and arching her back, which results in movement. She does this when she cries in her crib, so she will move the length of her crib and have her head wedged against the bars. She also does this when in her swing. Now I typically don't strap her in (Josh always does because he is a good daddy). Today I laid her down in the swing to have her nap a bit more. After a couple minutes of crying I came into the room to see her in the bottom corner of this bowl swing, in a ball, feet in the air, about to fall out. (No wonder why she was crying) So from seeing this, I now vow to buckle her not only in her swing, but also when I have her hanging out in her car seat. (Yes, she is always strapped in when I am driving.) This picture is further proof of this new trick. I sat her in the corner of the couch and she slid all the way down, resulting in a scrunched up face.
Charis likes to play with Selah's toys and sit in her boppy.

Happy feet

As I try to explain in this movie, Selah doesn't typically sleep until she has to feed. So that last 30-45 minutes I need to hold her to keep her content. Today I tried putting her in the Snuggle Me (or whatever it is called) and doing some work. She was content, I got Charis's dinner ready and I even put on an apron to wash the dishes.
So we didn't have Oasis and we didn't have Daddy. We can survive without Oasis, but I am not sure how much longer without our Daddy.

The Photo Shoot

This past week my mom and Talitha have been a little camera happy and had a photo shoot with the grandkids. They are so cute, so I of course have to show you all.
This one of Selah is right before she started to cry...

...and this one of Charis and Noah is right before Noah peed in the cup...

...and this was right before Charis almost pushed Selah off of her.

Yes, I know her swimsuit is a little low cut! But it has Dora on it!

Look at her, all grown up!


We had to teach her not to hold the flower petals, but the stem
Like how her nose is IN the flower?

Happy, naked, chunky girl!

I love her face

And he may not be mine, but Noah is so adorable!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday without Daddy

Today was a nice day. The girls got Daddy his Father's Day gift, which we are pretty sure he is going to like. Then we played at a park. Charis could swing for hours! Then I tried to take the garbage out since a new missionary family is moving in tomorrow. Now, most of you don't know where the dumpster is in relation to our place, so let me explain: Our house is across the parking lot from the church and the dumpster is behind the church; it is about a football field away (right, hon?). I rolled the two garbage cans from the garage to the dumpster with Charis following me very slowly. I kept telling her to "Come On! Walk faster!" To which she would reply, " 'Om On!" and still walk just as slowly. When I got to the dumpster I realized I am either not strong enough or tall enough, or both, to push the lid back to dump the trash in. (Not that I would be strong enough to lift the garbage cans anyway.) So instead I proceeded to pull the bags out of the garbage cans and put them in the dumpster. So Gross! Then very slowly Charis and I walked back to the house. And where was Selah during all of this? Well, she was in the car sleeping when we started our trek, but by the time we got back she was in the car screaming. Yeah, I miss Josh and his amazing Dad/Husband skills.
The rest of the day was a lot calmer. The girls napped, I worked out (I am watching Bring it On while on the treadmill - so good!), then Nana and Opu's house. We went out for dinner at Red Robin (also so good!), and during our time there Charis spit out the Diet Coke she wanted to try, munched on a lemon, and cried/screamed at putting a jalepeno pepper in her mouth (man, her little hands are fast!). We ended the night on the webcam with daddy. Yeah, a crazy but nice day.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Josh is Gone Again

Josh left this morning at 6am for Summer Camp. He will be gone for six days which feels like a long time. I don't know how we went two months when we were in college! All last night while we were packing I was just barely holding it together. But I didn't cry, so be proud of me (it would only make it harder for Josh if I did). So anyway, for the next week you will see a lot of pics for Daddy. We hope you enjoy them too.

This toy is awesome! She kicks it with her feet and it plays songs and lights up!

Bath time!
Amidst all of Charis's ramblings she is beginning to put words together like,"Nana please" (Banana). Her words still aren't completely understandable to others, but we are working on it.

Mommy and Selah

Selah officially hates being on her stomach. She has good neck control, but starts to fuss as soon as we start "tummy-time". This is me tricking her into quasi-tummy-time.

Little hands

Goodnight Daddy!
(BTW, if you want to check out what is going on at camp got to