Monday, February 4, 2008

Rambling Thoughts

  • I feel ridiculously huge and I still have six or seven weeks to go (who can keep track anyway?)
  • Why is Eryka always working when I am free to talk? I want to call Eryka so so so so bad and hear how everything is going with her.
  • Maybe if I get a fourth pillow I could get more comfortable at night, but then again, where would Josh sleep?
  • My daughter makes me laugh when she sings the "Dada" song.
  • Josh works so hard to make sure that I can just sit down and rest... how many cubic feet of dishes has he done?
  • This stupid maternity belt / girldle thing is no help at all!
  • I love when Matt and Steph come over for cards. I do not love when they beat us over and over.
  • I can't wait until summer for Charis to play in the pool at mom's house.
  • Why can't Talitha live closer to me?
  • It is amazing how my maternity pants come with a built in Bed Buddy holder for my back.
  • Could Noah be any cuter?
  • I love my bible study girls. I just wish I had more wisdom.
  • I have one sexy husband.
  • Charis, can you carry me now?
  • God, my life is so busy and I am tired, but thank you for the abundant blessings you have poured out on my life.