Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Teething, Weaning, Puke, Diarrhea and Allergies

So Charis is teething. She has been teething for over a week now. She has woken us up a couple times at night with it. At first we didn't know what was wrong. We thought maybe she was hungry, so we fed her. That didn't work. We thought maybe she had a wet diaper, so we changed her. That didn't work. We thought maybe she had a bad dream, so we held her. That didn't work. Then Josh was amazing and thought she might be teething, so we put Baby Orajel on her gums. Hallelujah! The crying stopped and she went right to sleep. It looks like all four of her top teeth are coming in at once. But after a week plus the teeth still haven't cut through. She goes to the doctor on Friday for her 9 months check up (can you believe it!), so I will ask him then. And to top it all off she has been getting the standard teething fever with all of this too.
Charis also seems to be weaning herself. I have noticed the past couple days that she dropped her feeding time a bit, but today I had a bit of a shock. I had nothing on one side for her lunch feeding and nothing on both sides for her afternoon feeding. I had to give her a bottle. But it wasn't like she wasn't interested. She was very interested and frustrated that there wasn't anything there. ?????????? I don't understand. I am not stressed. I am not overly active. I have been getting plenty of sleep and plenty of liquids. And I am not pregnant. So I am shopping for formula tomorrow. And I can only hope that there will still be milk for breakfast and bedtime.
All of this leads to the puke story of my afternoon. So I fed her a bottle with 5oz of formula because everyone says she should be up to 5-6oz by now. I doubt that she was getting that from me recently, but I wasn't sure. She didn't quite finish it. I then gave her her solids. She kinda ate it lethargically, but ate it nonetheless. After she was all done I was holding her and she started to gag. I held out my hand to catch what she might throw up, but... there was no way I could catch all that. She easily threw up her dinner, formula and lunch. I mean I rarely throw up that much. Thankfully we were over the hard wood floor and not the carpet. I just stood there watching it continue to come out, not knowing what to do. When it was done she started to cry, rightfully so. She was obviously scared and we were both covered in barf. I took her to the bathroom and cleaned us both up. And then I cleaned the floor. I almost took a picture for you guys, but I thought that it would be too much. But so you understand, the barf splash radius was at least five feet.
After all of this I decided a shower for us both would be nice. When I took off her diaper I saw she had diarrhea. Her diapers have been "looser" recently and I think I can attribute it to the mango I have been giving her. So I guess mango doesn't work in her system, because it was also in her barf. But now I am beginning to wonder if she is allergic to it because she has a rash forming on her back. I am dropping the mango all together and we will see what happens. FYI, I think she puked because she overate, not because she was allergic to anything.

There is so much going on in my little girl's body. It is hard to watch and I feel so out of control. Please pray that I lay this before God and trust Him with this.

Why does everything happen at once?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Standing in the Crib

We have been trying to teach Charis how to stand while holding onto something. Recently we tried her crib and she had a lot of fun "jumping" up and down (bending her knees). Doesn't she look adorable?
At one point she saw Josh across the house and she got really excited. That made her irresistable to her daddy. They had fun playing peekabo. How cute if this kid!

Playing with Mommy

Charis and I had a fun morning the other day. Most of the time we shower, but I decided to give her a bath. She has had one before, but it was when she was a lot younger. Man, was she cute! She had fun splashing and playing with her starfish. I got some great video. I am sure she will love that I captured her naked. At least I can always hold that over her if she is ever tempted to stay out past her curfew. (Whoa! That is weird to think about!)

After her bath we played in her room. Can I just say it took forever to get her four hairs in that ponytail. She didn't like it either. Now she doesn't simply cry; she bats my hands away. Oh yea. She is doing better on her crawling, not that she is doing it. But between rolling and scooting she gets around a room. Someday soon, I hope.

Hi Mama!


I can almost crawl

This is just an adorable picture!

Picture Overload

Josh and I have been taking a lot of pictures of Charis recently, so get ready for picture overload in the next couple posts!

Playing with her dog "Brown"
(yeah, we are really creative)

Blowing bubbles
(She blows bubble-gum size bubbles with just her spit - yum!,
but she says "Ma" to do it - YEA ME!)

Yummy peaches

Notice how she always has something in her mouth?

I love my daddy!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Peas and Barf

To finish off Charis's meals we tend to give her finger food. This can be her puffs, fruit, bread, etc. Today I decided to try peas. I should have had the camera ready.
She picked one up and looked at it with skepticism. I then put one in her mouth for her. She chewed it with a pained look on her face. Then she kinda gagged - from the taste, not the texture. I was about to go grab the camera to capture this hilarious moment when she gagged again. This time she threw up the pea and some of her "Garden Vegetables."

So I guess she doesn't like peas.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Our musical child

Josh and I hope that Charis is musical. I mean she's a Huff, right? I am encouraged that she does "sing" a lot during the day. And whenever she sits in on choir practice she "sings" at the top of her lungs - I guess she wants to be heard. We plan on putting her in piano lessons with Grandma in a couple years, but you can never start too early...

Playing the djembe
(did I spell that right?)

Playing the harmonica with daddy

And "singing"
(just kidding, she is freaking out that mama left the room)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sleepy Saturdays

So on Saturday Charis woke up at 6:15am. That was really sad. I tried laying in bed listening to her coo and talk to her bug, but she eventually started started to whine. So I pulled her out to lay in my bed (I very rarely do this). Josh was at biblestudy, so she took over his side. I then prayed desperately to the Lord that she would fall back asleep. And praise Him, she did. We woke up to daddy taking a picture of us at 8:40am. I think that is the latest I have been able to sleep in in months.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I Just Want to Make Sure She is OK

So I have these silly dreams / kinda awake times at night where I think stuff is going on, when it isn't. And it drives Josh nuts. They always have to do with Charis. Sometimes I think I hear Charis crying so I ask Josh to turn up the monitor. Other times I think she fell out of her crib, which is physically impossible for her right now. I will then ask Josh if he heard her fall. He patiently says no. But the other night it was a little more annoying.
I was in that in-between state and I thought Charis was in our bed sleeping between us. Now, I have thought this stuff before and it has kept me "up", in that kinda awake state and not fully asleep, for a while. So I have been trying to tell myself that Charis is fine and to go back to bed. But this time I wouldn't be satisfied. I began to poke her to see if she was in the bed. Well, she wasn't and I was poking Josh for a good five minutes. He eventually woke up and asked what was going on. I asked him if Charis was in the bed and he turned to me and said, "No Moriah. Charis is not in the bed." (He is so patient with me.)
I completely forgot all about it until he reminded me the next day. I simply told him I just want to make sure that she was okay... and I am sure it will happen again.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Fun in the Grass

I played in the grass with momma and nana the other day

Momma let me walk around

The dandelions were pretty fun

I wish momma would let me eat them

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Picture Update

We haven't been taking as many pictures recently, but we have been getting a lot of really fun video. Maybe one of these days I will figure out how to post those. But here are some pics for your enjoyment.

After the Fun Fair at church
She has a smiley face on her cheek, which was only partially smeared.
(I actually really like this picture of us, more specifically - me!)

This took place about 30 minutes before the Barf Adventure

Charis and Daddy ready a pamphlet on the Covenants of Grace and Works

And this is where she is currently sitting while I blog, getting into everything

It's back

So yeah, it's back. Not much more I am going to say about because I know I have a wide audience. I am both happy because that means we can move on with things and sad because I forgot how much it stinks and how much you need to ... prepare. I enjoyed my year and a half break.