Tuesday, July 31, 2007

1-2-3 GO!

Such an amazing picture. I want to know where this place is at!

(Bonus points to the person who can tell me what movie my title is from....
Hint: "Uh-uh. Not this man's pinto.")

Friday, July 27, 2007

Number 2

Can you see what she is holding... or more like what she insisted on chewing on? (Yeah, I know it is really disgusting, but at least the cap is on.) So number 2 is on the way.
We found out a few weeks ago. I am due at the end of March and I am not sure how far along I am. Some places say 6 weeks. But if that is the case we found out before you are even able to find out, so I don't get it. My first doctor's appointment is next week, so I will let you all know.
As you have read in my previous posts, I was not very excited about having another child. God has graciously been changing my heart. I am not jumping for joy or wanting to talk about Number 2 every waking moment, but I have accepted it. The prospect of getting out of my job has helped immensely. (Are things all beginning to fit together?)
Here's an interesting story for you... Josh and I weren't going to tell anyone about this until either his birthday next week or Charis' next month. (Don't you see how my excitement was bursting?) But last week Josh's boss Doug out of the middle of nowhere asked him if I was pregnant. Josh was stunned and tried to avoid the question while figuring out how he found out. Doug proceeded to tell Josh that a woman who used to attend the church mentioned it while his family was getting their hair cut. Doug questioned her whether that was right and if she meant my sis Crystal, but she was adamant. We eventually figured out that the person who told her had mixed up Crystal and I and this rumor was beginning to get around.
So Josh called me with this news on Tuesday while I am in bible study with my girls, one being Doug's daughter, who also heard this rumor. I am freaking out and immediately rush Whitney into the other room to tell her to keep quiet. But when I come back the girls are all looking at me questioningly, so I tell them. Then that night we told the family and it has been slowly getting out since then.
But this is my official announcement to my blogging family. I am pregnant with Number 2, "Colby", which actually has no correlation to the names we have chosen. You know and I will continue to keep you updated.

I don't know about this!

Don't worry, these pictures were taken weeks ago
and this... applicator... has long been thrown away.

Charis Girl

This girl is growing up so fast. I mean doesn't she look more like a toddler than a baby? Kinda sad. But I love her baby blues!
Charis changes each day. She recently cut her top three teeth and just today I saw she cut another one on the bottom. She was clapping yesterday. Charis is fully proficient at waving hello and goodbye to anyone and everyone. She even says "hi" - or at least has the same inflection as we all do. She says "mama" and the other day said "dada."
Charis pretty much runs when you hold both hands and is getting pretty stable when you only hold one hand. In fact the other day she took a couple steps before she fell into my arms. I don't know if that counts as first steps, but since both Josh and I were watching it we might take it as such.
She eats like a horse and loves pasta and meat. All in all she is growing up really well. Hope that brings you all up to speed. Enjoy some updated pictures...

She loves her Care Bear

Baby Genius
(actually mommy is the genius)

Doesn't she look so old?

The Huff clan with Jordan and Crys before Jeremy left for Uganda
(and that's Jordan's girlfriends Jana - I love her and I hope they get married!)

You Learn Something New Each Day

So I learned something new this week.

Did you know that "blonde" refers to a girl's hair color and "blond" refers to a guy's hair color?

Also, did you know that "fiancee" refers to a girl and "fiance" refers to a guy?

Now, I am not totally sure this is true. Talitha was explaining it to me and she may have just thought that I was blonde so she could trick me. Let me know if this is real or not.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Update

Sorry to keep all of you waiting for so long. There is a lot going on in our lives right now, so it has been hard to get to the computer. (Not to mention Talitha is working on the computer while I am at work, so I have to try to find time at home to post - yeah right.)
The interview went well. I wasn't that thrilled in the beginning because he was talking about me working in the office and the money was actually cut in half (stupid income and self employment tax!). But as we went on things seemed to work out a little more. I left excited. We still have more to work out and will be meeting again this week to hopefully finalize things.
But regardless of whether I get the job or not I am giving my two weeks to my nanny family today. Josh and I have decided that this place is not good for me. Nannying has made me not want to have any more children. I just see any child as one that would take me away from Charis, and I don't see how I could love any child as much as I love Charis. Yes, people tell me that God just gives you more love, but as of right now I don't see that. I wouldn't say I am depressed, but in regards to the whole baby / job thing I might go there. Anyway, that is something you can pray for me about. I want to change my attitude, but it doesn't seem that simple. There are a lot more details about this, but it will have to wait a couple weeks. Sorry. Please keep our family in your prayers. And for those of you nearby, if you know of anyone who is looking for a nanny job, let me know. (The boys really are good boys. I am just not a kid person - unless it is my kid.)
On a happier note I am determined to post some great pics of Charis soon and also tell you about all the new things she is doing. So look for that soon.
Oh yeah. Harry Potter was amazing. I am going to read it again.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I think I forgot to tell you guys but I have an interview tomorrow. It is actually my second interview with a mortgage company that is less than one mile from my house. To make things even better I would be working from home. There are so many more details to tell you, but that can wait until later. Just pray for me on Friday afternoon. Thanks!

Friday, July 13, 2007

My Summer Cutie

We have been having one fun summer...

1... 2... 33333333333333! (swinging)

Playing in the pool

Taking baths after an especially sweaty day at Nana's

Playing with Nightfall
(and getting covered in her hair)

Eating a yummy and messy baby biscuit

Rahab - One Cool Chick

So I was reading in Joshua 2 yesterday about Rehab and the spies and I was just amazed at what God did in her life. She was a heathen prostitute that God called to be one of His children. He revealed Himself to her, a disgusting harlot, and she believed in Him. Not only did He save her life in the fall of Jericho, but called her to live with the Israelites. Though her family was saved, she was given a new family. And not only that, but He blessed the world through her. She is one of the five amazing women in Christ's lineage. What an amazing blessing! So God took a big, fat sinner and made her a beautiful woman of God.
You know, I feel I can relate a lot with Rehab. I too was harlot with a heart black with sin and God called me out of that life. I know all too well where my life would be if I had continued down that road. I do not have to keep searching in vain for something to satisfy me and He has overflowed my life with blessings - my wonderful husband and daughter, close family, good friends, and a great ministry at our church. If this weren't enough, He has also allowed me to bless others in our youth group through sharing what I have learned in His word and in the experiences I have had. I don't deserve any of it. And He knows it, but He is an abundant God.
So Rehab and I have a lot in common. We have been called, saved, changed, blessed and now can bless. What an awesome God we serve!

Read Your Bible, Pray Everyday....

And You'll Grow, Grow, Grow!
So I have recently been struggling staying in the Word everyday (probably due to my previous two posts). And if I was in the Word it was brief and just "check" on my checklist. I have really noticed the change in me without it (again note my reaction in the previous posts). So as my sin nature has been raging recently I determined to not only get in the Word but also get in prayer.
Prayer has never been my strong point. I definitely can do it without ceasing when I have a trial going on, but in everyday life I certainly lack. A few years ago I had a prayer journal and it really encouraged me and helped me stay focused. So I dug it out this week and touched it up to fit my life now and then let it sit on my shelf for a couple days. (Yes, I am pathetic.)
But I finally pulled it out yesterday and I was so blessed with my time with the Lord. I easily spent twenty minutes in focused prayer and that is a small miracle in itself. And I also got up early and spent even more time with the Lord today. I was so encouraged and refreshed and I can't wait until tomorrow!
(I am not looking for a pat on the back for doing this, but I hope this encourages you and spurns you on to meet with God. If any of you want the specifics of what I have in my journal - ACTS, songs, scripture, God's names and attributes, writing journal to reflect on what I have read - let me know.)

Yea for Harry!

So I did get to see the movie on Wednesday night and I was thrilled! Besides the first movie and maybe the third I don't believe the movies have done the books justice, but I was very pleasantly surprised with this one. (It was so hard watching the fourth movie to see them go directly to the third task when the second was done.) While I did miss the Quidditch and "Weasley is our King" in book five I really liked the rest. Luna was perfect. Neville is totally blossoming. The main three have definitely got this acting thing down now. The beginning scene with Dudley was sweet. I didn't even mind how they did everything with Cho. And then there was the final scene in the Dept. of Mysteries. WOW! Josh and I are already planning our next trip to see it in 3-D.

(BTW, when we went to the theater to see it again we talked to manager and got free passes, so it all worked out... I guess.)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter Sadness

So Josh and I have been freaks anticipating Harry Potter movie 5. I have spent the past couple months reading through the books again and I can't wait to read the final one in ten days. Movie 5 came out last night at midnight and being the devoted fans we are we went to the showing. We arrived at the theater at 10:30 with an entourage of fans. We were easily 500 people back in line. But we eagerly awaited. They were filling one theater with people and then would move to another one. So we were thrilled when our group was at the beginning of the next theater. We rushed in and got fabulous seats in the front and center. To pass the time we played cards and discussed our favorite Harry Potter moments. The movie started a little late around 12:15am. We watched a couple previews when the film cut out. The whole audience gave a wounded outcry. After ten minutes waiting it restarted for about another two minutes of previews, then it cut out again. We waited another frustating ten minutes when a manager got out attention and explained that the film had wound on it self and needed to be rewound, which would take another fifteen minutes. That took us to one AM. The manager then came out again and said they were going to try it again, but if it didn't work the movie would be cancelled. Guess what happened? It didn't work. I didn't see the movie. They tried to play it off by giving us a coupon for free popcorn and then they signed our tickets to use them again in the future. (Which they didn't seem to understand was equal to giving us our money back and not getting us another free movie.) With the lack of sleep and the HUGE disappointment of not seeing Harry Potter I was pretty angry. Josh had to tell me to watch my witness. I didn't get to sleep until two AM and I had to be at work at seven. And since I have to see it tonight, I am sure I won't be going to bed until one AM tonight either.
So yeah, Harry Potter sadness.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July! Yeah, I know it is a few days late, but at least I have pictures! This year we decided to celebrate Independence Day by going downtown to see the fireworks. It was a last minute thing, but we were able to get a good group of us together. The fireworks are actually on Tuesday, so we all got off work early and were settled right on Lake Michigan by 4pm. We had a fun afternoon playing cards, people watching (wow, are there some... interesting people in Chicago!), and being lazy. The Taste of Chicago was going on too, so Josh and I got dinner down there. Pretty good and not that expensive considering what we had heard. Charis was all over the place and loved seeing all the different people around her. She wanted to move, so we were thankful for all the willing hands of our friends who would entertain her for a while. (More about our day below...)

Playing with mama

Playing cards - Brandon and I were a pretty amazing team

Chris entertaining Charis

Sleepy baby

Okay, when we got downtown there was easily 10-20 feet between our blankets and the people next to us. By the time the fireworks started people had taken up every piece of grass and were beginning to invade our blankets. The crowds kinds creeped Josh out.

So more about the fireworks... We chose out this great spot by the lake with beautiful trees and there happened to be one tree right in front of us. We didn't think anything of it because we thought the fireworks would be high above it. Nope. We were wrong. After traveling 2 hours to get down there and hanging out on the lawn for another 5 hours all to see the fireworks, they were all behind a tree. We had three blankets so all ten of us crammed onto the one that had the least obstructed view. It wasn't bad, but the fireworks were no better than Batavia. We had a great afternoon downtown, but I think the next time we go will be just for a regular summer day to enjoy Chicago.
BTW, Charis liked the fireworks - not afraid at all. She even fell asleep while watching them... I mean, what kid falls asleep while watching booming, thundering fireworks? And for those of you who missed this year's fireworks show here are some pics for you. (Note the tree in the bottom right.)

Oh yeah, to make things a little more interesting... It started to drizzle while the fireworks were going. By the time we had packed up it was gently raining. And then during our walk back it was raining. The drive home it was pouring. And by the time we hit Randall people were putting on their hazard lights and pulling over. Praise the Lord the rain held off an hour!

Happy Fourth of July!

Here You Go!

Here are a variety of pictures from the last couple weeks...

Tired and sweaty baby - she gets it from her father!

Blue toes for the Blue Team - that's So Chill!

Eating yummy bananas - check out how chunky she is getting!

Watching her favorite show, The Backyardigans

And I forgot to mention in the last post, Charis has now cut three of her top teeth, and man are they sharp! On a similar note, I only give her a bottle now.