Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vacation Pics... Two Months Late

Yes, I am finally posting pictures from our trip to Panama City Beach, Florida We went at the end of July, so it has been two months and I am a slacker. At least I am putting them up.
This picture is my favorite picture of the four of us... the beach is behind us and the sun is setting.

This is my studly husband... wouldn't that shoulder look better with something on it? Oh well, maybe next year honey.

The guys weren't supposed to be in the water because the police told them that the rip current had killed three people that day. The guys didn't believe them, but they stayed in the shallow water. But later that day when we were watching the news we found that Mr. Policemas wasn't lying.

I wish I could nap on the beach everyday.

I LOVE this picture!

We celebrated Josh's 27th birthday while we were in Florida. I made some amazingly yummy peanut butter pies.

So cute!

Auntie Talitha is so fun

Charis was not a fan of the sand or waves, so we played in the pool a lot. (Why did we go to the beach?)

It was a fun trip!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fun at the Zoo

We went to Brookfield Zoo with Jordan, Crys and Noah a couple weekends ago. It was a lot of fun and Charis really seemed to enjoy it. The weather was perfect - sunny yet cool. The zoo is so huge that we didn't see everything, but we saw everything that we really wanted to.

Charis and Crystal enjoying the dolphin show

We also got to pet sting rays - so gross! They were slimy. It still makes me cringe just thinking about it, but I guess it was pretty cool.

Charis has no fear - she just walked right up to this goat and started petting it

If you are wondering where Selah was at in all of this, she did a great job for such an exciting day. She watched everything, wide-eyed. Not much comprehension though. :)

I love the "Night-night" part

Yea! Another family picture - not the best, but at least it has all four of us in it.

And this wasn't while we are at the zoo, but I love how it shows her big blue eyes. How did Josh and I get these kids?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Charis Turned Two!

Charis officially turned two on September 1st. We celebrated with the family the day before because her birthday fell on Labor Day. It was a yummy celebration with ice cream sundaes (cake can never compete with ice cream). The whole family came over and made her feel loved.

She got this great Dora the Explorer chair. She loves it and likes to watch Dora while sitting in it.

She actually ripped the wrapping paper this year!

Thanks to her aunts she will be looking fabulous this fall

Our exciting gift for Charis this year was tons of flap books and a savings bond - wahoo!

This is our version of "Happy Birthday"
On her birthday we went to the park as a family and had a blast
Wheeeee - the big slide
Beautiful girl
Yes, that is Selah's drool

We do have another daughter if you have been wondering where she is at.

Selah started solids and is doing pretty well

Sister love