Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Sleep

Be amazed that I am updating with more pictures. Things are going fine at the Huff house. Josh and I are more tired these days it seems. He has had to get up early a lot recently so I have been pulling the late shift plus feeding (not like he can do that!). We both are zombies. However, last night I had a break through! Selah's last feeding is at 11:00pm and we want her to go to sleep right afterwards, but she never does. Most nights she is up until 1:00am, so that means whoever does the "late shift" is up until then. If I don't feed her late I will have three feedings at night instead of two. Anyway, last night for the first time she fell asleep right after her 11pm feeding. I was asleep by midnight! And she only fed twice and let me sleep in! I got almost 8 hours of sleep! It was amazing! Please pray that she continues on this new path.

Here are some pics of our girls:

Whoa! What's this camera doing in my face!

My girls have really big beautiful eyes

Okay, time for a nap

Not fair! What about mom?

These mashed potatoes are really good!

(She is actually complaining about having them on her hand - we did give her a spoon, but her skills do not keep up with her hunger - Obviously!)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Life with Two

Life with two is very different, but not necessarily difficult. I don't have much down time because when I am not dealing with one I am dealing with the other (unless my wonderful husband is watching the girls while I nap). I am still feeding twice at night, but Selah goes right back to sleep after I feed her. Leaving the house does take twice as long now, but I hope that with practice I can get faster at it. (Is it funny when I feel impressed if I get us all breakfast, showered, dressed and beautified and the house picked up before lunch?)
Then there is Charis... she is adjusting well to Selah. She doesn't resent her for mommy being more occupied, but she resents me sometimes. I think she is testing me and wants to see if I will follow through and be consistant in my parenting / discipling. The first week was VERY difficult, but it has now lessened to being difficult when I am feeding. She will do this very weird defiant tantrum and I am struggling with how to discipline her with both hands occupied. Josh's mom told me to develop "The Lool," which is a look that tells her that if I have to get up and come discipline her she will be VERY sad about it. I am working on it. I have noticed that she is a lot better whlie I feed when I have had time to play with her beforehand, so I am trying to make that a priority.
As for Josh and I... we love having our new little girl. We are doing well tag-teaming the girls too. That is difficult for me. I am so used to doing everything together as a family - making dinner, bathing the kids, going to bed at the same time, etc. But now I might be feeding Selah while he and Charis cook dinner. Or while he is in the living room settling Selah before bed I am sleeping to get a head start on being up for feeding her (I let him sleep through the night - well, as much as he can with Selah and I next to him). I figure it is just for a time and we will soon all be together again.
Anyway, life with two is definitely different, and I do have to admit it is a little more difficult, but the love we have for our daughters far overshadow it.

Here are some fun pics from the past two weeks:

You see why I am so impressed when I get the house picked up before lunch?

Charis LOVES helping "take care" of Selah
Charis helping me make brownies

Beatiful Selah after her first bath

A silly picture of Charis

Selah not doing much, but what do we expect at this age?

Charis is so hilarious!

Talitha, I know you will appreciate this!