Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Being a Keeper of the Home

I don't really have much going on in my life right now. It is the calm before the storm. However, I have been learning a lot. I don't really want to write a dissertation, so I will try to sum it up. In Women's Biblestudy we learned about being keeper's of our homes. I learned lot of reasons why I should be a keeper of the home, but here are some of my practical resolutions:
  • Get up half an hour early to work or clean the house
  • Stop working at 5pm to be with the family
  • Plan my meals for the week on Monday
  • Get a cleaning schedule together
Something else Josh and I have been talking about is me not working anymore. And strangely enough, I am the one struggling with it. On December 1st we will have finished paying off two HUGE debts that we have had for a while. So starting in the new year the income we were putting towards this huge payment we could now use to pay off other debt and save for a home. But we don't need to, and frankly, my "keeper of the home" duties and motherly responsibility has been falling be the wayside recently. I finish working satisfied, but stressed, and come to Josh and Charis who are wondering when dinner is going to even get started. I am totally disappointed in myself. What is my real priority? My family or some loan file?
We did decide that until Selah comes in March I have a good routine set up with Charis to keep working (as long as I work on my resolutions). But when Selah comes I am going to be done, or significantly cut back. Most of you would be jumping for joy to think that you never have to work again, but I am still getting there. (Why am I so messed up about these things?)
Anyway, that is what I have been learning... and needless to say I have a lot of work to do.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Check out Josh's Blog

He updated it with adorable pics and spoke the words that I have been feeling too.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Updated Family Pic

My Fall Poll

So, I want to take a poll. (Thanks Grace and Josh) Anyway, the following questions are about Fall and if you are reading this your required to answer at least one.

1. Among the four seasons, where does fall rate?
2. What is your favorite apple?
3. What is a tradition that you do during the fall?
4. Have you ever been in a Corn Maze?
5. Can turkeys drown by looking up into the rain?

These are my answers. I put them down here to let you contemplate your own first - I don't want to sway you to try and be as awesome as I am.

1. I like summer the best because of the sun and the stuff you can do outside. Spring next because it is beautiful to see the world come to life and I get to anticipate summer. Fall after that because it is so pretty with the leaves changing and there is nothing quite like putting on a sweater. Winter just sucks. Without Christmas it would be a waste.
2. I will only eat Granny Smiths. They are firm, not mealy, and tart. All other are gross. All warm apple desserts are "grosser than gross".
3. In the fall I go applepicking with my mom's side of the family. I will have to blog about that soon. And I make sure to always drive down Grandma's Lane or Route 31 when I have to go somewhere because the leaves are so beautiful.
4. Ever since BBC, I have tried to go every year and it is awesome! We went to the Jonamac Orchard this year and got freaked out because it was haunted. So much fun!
5. I know the answer, but I want to see what you guys think. (Why do I know this you ask? I had to put together a Thanksgiving Trivia Puzzle for the youth next week.) The answer will come "soon".

8 Years

So one of the most frustating things about getting married was that you had to start from zero in the "how long have you been married" questions. I mean the five years of dating is completely wiped out. (I am sure Kati can relate.) And now that it has been three+ years since we got married I have even begun to forget when our anniversary was - was it October 30th or the 31st?
Anyway, the other day I came home from a bridal shower when Josh had a gift for me sitting on our bed. He had gotton me a gift for the eight years that we have been together, married and otherwise. Wow! Eight Years! That is almost a third of my life! A third of my life I have been with Josh. It makes the previous life without him (and Christ) seem like such a long time ago - PRAISE THE LORD! I am so blessed.
What was the gift you may ask? Well, it was something I really wanted, but couldn't bring myself to buy because they were so expensive. A pair of Sketchers shoes. Yes, I am a loser. But my husband is so sweet. He remembered the exact pair, color and size.
But after eight years you would figure he would remember that kind of stuff.