Monday, December 29, 2008

For Those of You Who Still Believe - Movie Post

For The Few of You Who Still Believe I will Post...

Sometimes it is cleaner to not wear pants while we eat;

"I'm a messy girl mama!"

Anyone remember this pic of Charis?

I made this for a friend for Christmas and I really like it. We are going to do it for our family, but put the hebrew or greek beneath the name.

Yes, she crawls and pulls up, she will be walking soon!

She is getting so big!

I love this face!

Christmas and Wintertime

Merry Christmas!

Craft time - decorating a Christmas tree

Charis ate the snow...

and I built a snowman.

Selah loves her nativity set
(don't worry, it isn't breakable, at least not yet)

Remind you of A Christmas Story?