Monday, August 18, 2008

Can You Believe I am Posting!

So we are back and settled after a busy couple of weeks. It started in July by going to Pennsylvania for Josh's brother's wedding. It was beautiful. The travel wasn't bad at all, but the rest of the weekend was a little stressful. But that is to be expected with two small children. Charis did a great job being the flower girl - I will have to post pics when I get them. I am so excited to have a new sister and it is even better that they are living around here now. In fact, I put her cell phone in my speed dial today. Yea for new sisters and new friends! (BTW, this picture is our first family picture - kinda sad.)
I love this picture!
We also went to Panama City Beach in Florida. Again travel in the car was great. We got to see Jeremy and his girlfriend (for now - yea!) Melissa on the way down. The weather was fabulous and the beach was beautiful. Charis did not like the sand though, so we spent a lot of time in pool. The girls got all off their schedule and were waking up two hours early - not easy sharing one room. I wouldn't call the week relaxing, but we had some special moments that we wouldn't have had if we would have stayed home. My mom has tons of pics that I will have to post later, including a good family picture!
This summer has flown by for me and the girls. Selah is almost five months and has learned to roll over from her tummy to her back. She is really close on sitting up by herself and rolling from her back to her tummy. And she is getting very vocal, i.e. cooing, "motorboats" and blowing rasberries. Sometimes she just stops eating and looks at me and starts "talking". All of this makes up for the fact that she still sleeps less than Charis.
Charis will be turning two in a couple weeks. I can believe that I will a mom of a two year old. Her vocabulary has taken off this past month. She now says her name, "Selah", and can repeat pretty much anything you say to her. Grant it, it still has her little twist, but it is still really good. We have also been working on her counting. She can count to five, yet sometimes decides to skip some numbers, like 1-2-5!
They keep me busy, but I love being the mother of these two.
This past month Josh also celebrated his 27th birthday and was really busy with the youth. They went to the Indiana Dunes, paintballing and he is now prepping for a church garage sale on Saturday and the Fall Film Festival in September. (My video with my girls is awesome!) Next time I post I will fill you in on all of this. Hopefully it will be a lot sooner.
Charis is a little OCD
So here is a story - She has been lining up all her toys, remotes, shoes, basically anything she get her hands on. So while we traveling in the car she would try to line up her Little People, but they kept falling over because of the unevenness of the car and the braking. She would put one up and then it would fall over and she would get frustrated. I would try to explain it to her, but she would keep trying. (Yes, I did have the girls unbuckled in our 12 hour drive to Pennsylvania and our 16 hour drive to Florida - and I do not feel at all guilty.)
Charis loves to wear people's shoes - including my heels. I don't know how she does it considering I can barely walk in them.

I had such a fun time hanging out with Emily and Megan the other day. It was a little crazy being with five children two and under, but it was so good to be with my friends.