Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

Wasn't today a beautiful day? Well, it was if you were in the Midwest. They kept forcasting severe thunderstorms, but all we had was sunshine... and humidity (more on that later). We spent most of the day at my mom's (Nana) playing outside and being with family. I got to see my cousin Mark and his wife Lisa. They got married on Charis's one year birthday last year and they are talking kids. So fun! And I am pretty sure Crystal and I convinced her to give Babywise a try.
Charis and Selah seemed like they really enjoyed their day with everyone. I tried putting Selah in the Bumbo Seat on a whim and it works great for her! She loved it. She could sit up and look around and she did a great job with her head control. In fact, she was so comfy that she fell asleep sitting up in it this afternoon.

Charis found Selah's "belly", which Talitha just taught her how to say.


Big Pimpin'

Sister love
This is Charis's car. She doesn't really know how to drive it, but she likes getting in and out. And check out her outfit. She is wearing a pink Cubs outfit - So Cute!

So back to the humidity - it was so hot! 81 degrees! I decided Selah would be more comfortable in next to nothing. (I know I would have been.)

In case I haven't mentioned, Selah is going to be a thumb-sucker. She has already found her hands and loves sucking on them. I will be driving the car only to hear her sucking away on her hands.
Josh comes home tomorrow, so all of this blogging will soon be stopping. Josh, we can't wait to be with you! I am so glad that tomorrow I can tell Charis when she asks her morning question of, "Dada?", that you are coming home that night! I love you.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Without Our Man


Followers of our blog, you may be bored with the mundane day to day pictures, but as you know this is for the man in our lives...

Today we had church and it was a good message out of Acts 2. I brought the girls home and had us eating by 12:30, with Selah 1/2 way fed (go ahead and think through that one - JK!). The typical naps took place and then a wonderful conversation with Josh on the web cam. (That was fun honey...) Then the girls and I went out to go grocery shopping only to realize that Aldi was closed at 7pm. Thank goodness for Meijer. When we got back we finally played outside - Selah was a real trooper with the wind. Now the girls are down to bed. They are such good sleepers by the way.

I also got a fun craft project done today. I have these letters hanging on the girls bedroom door, and today I decided to paint their names on them. (This was after I got comments from people looking at the door and saying, "C.S. Lewis?")

Charis and I were making funny faces, or at least I was.

Now a nice picture

We had fun playing on the slide today

More talk from Selah, and a look at the beautiful pedicures that Charis and I did
And when I say pedicures, I mean it! Who cares that she is one - start them young!
Oh by the way Josh, I changed TWO of Selah's explosive poopy diapers today,
but hey, at least she is pooping.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

We Miss You Daddy

So Josh is out of town until Tuesday for the New Attitude Conference in Louisville, KY. We all saw him off this morning at 8:30. He called frequently to let me know where they were at and what they were doing - which I very much appreciate. We are not very big phone talkers, so instead of talking once a day for half an hour, we will talk five times a day for a couple minutes.
So for the sake of my love, I have taken some pictures today to let him know what we were up to...

After playing outside with our chalk (for the first time), Charis fell down and skinned her knees. She did cry a bit, but not that much. Even so, I thought it would be fun to introduce bandaids. So I got out the Winnie the Pooh bandaids and put it on her knee. She thought it was fun.

Selah also had a hard day in that she couldn't quite reach her light up toy. Actually, she was sick of her "tummy-time" and was letting me know.

Charis was getting herself ready for bed by reading "The Ten Little Ladybugs." She is such a good girl.

Selah wanted to let Daddy know that she misses him and hopes he is having a good time.

(Mommy and Charis say "ditto")

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Silly Posting

FYI...For those of you who already saw the last post of the girls, there is another new one underneathe it. (I posted out of order of creation, and since I rarely update you probably wouldn't think to look.)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our Girls

Happy 2 Month Birthday Selah!


Look at how big she is getting! We went to the doctor last week for Selah's two month appointment and she has gained 4 pounds and 4 inches since birth. That's 11pounds 14 ounces and 23.5 inches. Wow! Isn't it amazing how quickly babies grow?

One of Charis's favorite words is "elbow." This is her pointing to her's. This morning when I walked into her room to wake her up she said,"...HI!....Baby?....Elbow!" She is hilarious. Other fun words that she says is "Unca" (for Uncle Jordan), "Gana" (for our soon to be Aunt Jana), "Goah" (for Baby Noah), and "Eyebrow" - pretty self explanatory.

I promised you a picture of Selah's new smile and here it is. Isn't she beautiful! Whenever she finds my face she gets this huge grin on her face and laughs (is that a good thing?).

We had a great mother's day. I got a much need hand vac. Josh and the girls did a wonderful job making me feel special and very loved.

We rearranged the second bedroom this past week and it is now a place that we love to hang out in. We put the queen bed in the window nook and it fits like a day bed. It is a great place to hang out, read books and just sit together as a family. We also moved Charis's little playground into here, so she will have a place to play on when I have to work.

I love how kids have to learn how to jump with both feet at one time. Oh well, soon enough!

We have such a blessed life. And guess what! God sold our car on Friday. It was a huge weight hanging on our shoulders and He worked it out in His perfect timing. What an awesome God we serve!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Life at the Huffs

I figure the easiest way to tell you what is going on is through pictures. It is more for me to remember for the future. And it is more interesting for you...
Charis and I have had a lot of fun together recently. I have been taking advantage of my one-on-one time with her. She is so much fun! But you will see more of that below.

Charis and Daddy enjoying her new big girl bed. (Check out the video below.)
We love to prop Selah up on the pillows on our bed and cover her with our blankets. It makes her look so little and cute. This picture is some quality time that Josh had with her. We have found that he tends to take care of Charis and I take care of Selah, mostly because I HAVE to take care of Selah. We are trying to make sure we switch often.
Charis somewhere learned to do this position and this face. We call it her "Pose." She can do it on demand, so make sure to ask her to do it for you.

If Charis didn't have her beautiful curls and had mommy's stick straight hair, it would be this long. As most of the pictures show, it looks like her hair only comes to her shoulders.
Check her out in this outfit! She looks so grown up! Grace we love the boots!

Selah is so much fun. She is starting to do some of the cutest things. I had to blog and empty the camera because our stick was full to make room to show you guys. Next time I blog you will see her smile and coo. She recognizes me now!

I don't love the flash, but she is really cute. Selah is doing a great job with her schedule. She only feeds once at night (goes six hours and then another four to start the day!). We are working on getting her to nap well during the day. It is getting better.

This is Josh's OCD creation. After we laid Charis down for bed he did not come sit by me on the couch. He sat on the floor and dumped out Charis's blocks and Little People. His explanation, "Charis always tears apart whatever I start to create with her toys, so I decided to do it now when she can't tear it apart." Wow. He is so cute.

To have the crib cleared for Selah we moved Charis to her Big Girl Bed! She is doing a great job in there and doesn't crawl out. (However, she did once and I woke up to find her not only out of her bed but in the bathroom because she heard daddy taking a shower.)

This is some good sister "fun".

Selah is so cute in here. I love that she has found her hands to suck on. And Charis makes me laugh at how she wants the camera on her!