Monday, December 29, 2008

For Those of You Who Still Believe - Movie Post

For The Few of You Who Still Believe I will Post...

Sometimes it is cleaner to not wear pants while we eat;

"I'm a messy girl mama!"

Anyone remember this pic of Charis?

I made this for a friend for Christmas and I really like it. We are going to do it for our family, but put the hebrew or greek beneath the name.

Yes, she crawls and pulls up, she will be walking soon!

She is getting so big!

I love this face!

Christmas and Wintertime

Merry Christmas!

Craft time - decorating a Christmas tree

Charis ate the snow...

and I built a snowman.

Selah loves her nativity set
(don't worry, it isn't breakable, at least not yet)

Remind you of A Christmas Story?


Monday, November 24, 2008

New Pics (that are at least a month old)

It's fall!
(or at least it was when I took this picture)
Happy girl!
Charis likes to help feed Selah
(it more invloves shoving the food in her mouth whether she wants it or not)
Check out the hair!

I love the belly!

"I'm a messy girl!"
Roasting marshmallows over candles with my bible study girls
A nice fall day outside

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Apple Picking

We went on our annual Apple Picking trip this past weekend. The weather was perfect - sunny but cool enough for long sleeves and pants. I can't believe this is the third time Charis has gone, but I guess she is two now. We enjoyed eating donuts, finding the smallest apple (yea Josh!) and doing all of the fun apple picking stuff...

Charis and Nana enjoying some donuts
Selah had a fun time, and my back was killing me by the end of the day!
Charis picked her own apple and then proceeded to eat it with reckless abandon
(Josh got juice all over his hat)

Selah was not as sucessful at picking an apple, but she did enjoy munching on the leaf she got her hands on

Charis took a pony ride

and Selah put a big horsie's nose

This picture will document the beginning of a tradition

We had a great day and can't wait until next year
(BTW, we did have our typical scrumpious lunch and football afterwards. Josh was amazing and I actually caught the ball once! Yea me!)

Family Fun

Bath time... considering we don't have a bath tub, I think we are pretty creative.

Sister love

Selah and mommy reading Ephesians

Charis helping her cousin Noah get a drink

Selah has learned to lunge and is working towards pulling up
(I just about died when I saw this. The crib has been lowered. Isn't she only 6 months?)

I love this! Be prepared to laugh!

Fun at the park

Family Pics

The girls did not exactly enjoy our trip to Picture People, but we walked away with some cute pictures. You will see red eyes from tears that were rolling down cheeks moments earlier and you will also see where we were pleased to just have a picture where they were looking the right way and not screaming. Man, I miss Rosie.

(BTW, they took 74 pictures. I don't know what that means but I heard our photographer whisper it to her fellow employee. I hope we weren't horrible. Maybe Grace can tell me.)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vacation Pics... Two Months Late

Yes, I am finally posting pictures from our trip to Panama City Beach, Florida We went at the end of July, so it has been two months and I am a slacker. At least I am putting them up.
This picture is my favorite picture of the four of us... the beach is behind us and the sun is setting.

This is my studly husband... wouldn't that shoulder look better with something on it? Oh well, maybe next year honey.

The guys weren't supposed to be in the water because the police told them that the rip current had killed three people that day. The guys didn't believe them, but they stayed in the shallow water. But later that day when we were watching the news we found that Mr. Policemas wasn't lying.

I wish I could nap on the beach everyday.

I LOVE this picture!

We celebrated Josh's 27th birthday while we were in Florida. I made some amazingly yummy peanut butter pies.

So cute!

Auntie Talitha is so fun

Charis was not a fan of the sand or waves, so we played in the pool a lot. (Why did we go to the beach?)

It was a fun trip!