Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's Like I Don't Exist Anymore

...well at least on Blogger.

I have tried posting here multiple times since January, but Blogger shuts down the server or my computer gets frozen or I get sick of waiting for pictures to upload.

Anyway, all is well in our place and I have tons to say, but I am not going to... because I am lazy. Maybe I should add that to my reasons.

If you want to find me on a more regular update, plus see pictures, find me on Facebook.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jeremy and Melissa's Wedding

Josh and I went away to his brother, Jeremy's wedding this past weekend. The girls stayed with my parents (that was four days, and three nights - wow! Thank you mom!). It was a wonderful trip and I was too busy to miss the girls, well almost.

We are so glad that Jeremy and Melissa are married. She is perfect for him and we are happy to have another sister. Right now they are in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, just like where we went on our honeymoon (trying not be jealous). Anyway, check it out...

Josh and his brother Jordan were the best men, and my brother Jordan was an usher
(They both came down on the car ride with us... Let's just say that Jordan Ferrell always makes things interesting - Sorry Drew!)

Jeremy watching his bride come down the aisle

Jana (Jordan Huff's wife and my sister-in-law) and I had a lot of fun this weekend

All the Huff women!
(see that - WOMEN - NOT MEN!)